The Big Zero

On one of his complimentary grocery trips towards the end of my pregnancy Marc bought the pinata for the “Zero Birthday.”  I think Rahab and Jael must have been on hand to help him pick it out.


The day after Eve was born we gathered in the back yard to celebrate.  She’s out!


It’s.  About.  Time.


Nine months is a long row to hoe.  I think a little yoga is in order.


A little yoga…a little duct tape.  We’ll be fine.

DSC03309 DSC03311

The children are head over heels in love with baby Eve.  Gideon asked what was better, Christmas or having a new baby.  Jehu said, “A new baby, of course!”  Take that Santa.


What’s even funnier is that they are not at all phased by the fact that it’s another girl.  Girls are soooo cute.  I think there must be some kind of disconnect between girl babies and their eventual mutation into 2 year old sisters.  How could this possibly turn into that?


That’s all right.  We still like them all.  Some are just more dangerous than others.


My mother-in-law came to stay for three days after the birth.  I’ve been on babymoon ever since.


This is love.


4 thoughts on “The Big Zero

  1. i love the idea of the zero birthday! looks like so much fun! sadly, we live in a new neighborhood where the trees are all babies, so no hanging pinatas, but we could do cake and the whole birthday celebration idea. number 3 is due in spring! the 4yr old and 2yr old boys will love to celebrate. and eat cake.
    congratulations on your sweetheart eve! way to go mama!!

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