Wild Nights

We had our first Friday night as a family last week with baby Eve.  (Friday is clean house day and game night.  It’s pretty much my favorite.)


For something special we got the Automoblox out of the attic.  It’s amazing how much more interesting a toy is when you haven’t seen it for six months.

DSC03396 DSC03402

Every time I walked by and saw them playing together quietly, I couldn’t help but have a satisfying feeling of fullness.  Dreamy.


Daddy Boy came up the stairs after his shower, looked at them all and said to himself, “I have six babies.”  Then he settled right in.  Because there’s nothing better than six babies.  Except for maybe seven.

DSC03411 DSC03426

When the littles went to sleep Jael broke out the bingo and a Dolly Parton album.  That’s when things started to get wild.  They can hardly wait to hit up the closest nursing home for bingo night.  Every time Gideon would call a bingo he would break into a sexy dance and sing songs of self-adulation.  I’m not sure I could take them out in public, but I’ll ask around.


The kids made me call every number we owned until they had blacked out all their cards.  I would have to sit there and say, “N56.  N56.  N56.  NNNNNNN  FIFTY SIX.”  And then inevitably someone would still ask, “What?”  Good times.



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