Rahab And Her Baby

DSC03474 DSC03475DSC03476DSC03477DSC03478


3 thoughts on “Rahab And Her Baby

  1. Of all the pictures this is my favorite. So adorable! It reminds me of my daughter and how she carted around our third when she was 4. She would be in the other room and I would walk in and she’d be carrying the newborn around the room pretending to be the mom. When she noticed me she would quickly sit down trying to look innocent. She would carry him all over the house and eventually we just decided to let her and they both were fine. You have some adorable girls! Love the outfits too!! 🙂

    • I walked in to find Judith lifting Eve off the floor where she was laying on the sheepskin. Judith took one look at me and dropped the baby like a hot potato whilst trying to look innocent. 😉

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