Possibly The Worst Thing About Being Homeschooled

Snow days don’t exist.


Six inches of snow in Boise.  Every school district is out.  Including the colleges.


Except for us.


4 thoughts on “Possibly The Worst Thing About Being Homeschooled

    • I actually didn’t think it was necessary to mention that no one else was in school in the whole town. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. Presumably.

  1. Would love to hear about how you’re managing school with a three week old baby. I had my sixth in July and was very thankful we were on a slower summer schedule – and that my mom lives practically next door. And I only have 2 doing school yet!

    • I’m afraid I have it easy. Eve literally never cries and spends all her time sleeping. The kids didn’t miss a day of school with her, but we did cut it way back. The first week they just did math, spelling, and memory work. I stocked up on literature books in advance. “Would you rather be reading or doing school?” That’s what I thought. The next week I added in Shurley English, and the next week Bible. I’m still trying to get the science, history, and writing down. It’s hit and miss.

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