A Present For Me

I have been saving for a new Bible for a long time.  Mine looked like it had been tagged by a graffiti artist and the entire Book of Revelation just fell out the back.  It occurred to me that if you were going to become good friends with a Bible you don’t want it to cop out only after you had just become decently acquainted.


Earlier this summer I emailed Crossway and recommended they make a real Bible.  You know, for a change.  Then I gave them my “suggestions.”  A good clean font, single column readability, no unsightly cross-references or footnotes (Who uses those anyways?  People who care?), and a lifetime binding.  What was funny was that they emailed me right back and said, “Oh yeah, crazy lady, what do you think this is?”


Um…the most perfect Bible ever?


It was still in production so I had to wait until late September for it to be released, and even later for me to have the necessary clams together.  It kind of makes me ill to think of all the light fixtures I could have bought with that money, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


Pray for the first kid who eats the concordance or autographs the Book of Matthew.


I felt validated as a person to see that the author of the Bible Design Blog declared my Bible his “desert island Bible.”  If you had to pick just one, this is the one.  Of course, I have always considered my taste to be impeccable.  You know, if you don’t include my preferences in clothes, paint colors, music, baby names, or tofu.DSC03844

My hope is that this Bible will only grow better with age and some day I can pass it down to my children.  They can arm wrestle for it.  Over my dead body.


Lucky for me I was able to find this Bible on sale for 40% off.  But if that still sounds ridiculous to you, it’s probably good to know that the ESV Reader’s Bible is on sale for $20.  The Design Blog wrote that if the Reader’s Bible were given the same heirloom treatment as the Legacy Bible it would be even cooler.




It’s like butter baby.  Doesn’t get any better than this.

4 thoughts on “A Present For Me

    • Marc found it on the couch the other day and reprimanded me. “If you leave this out I will take it away from you.” 😉 I think he covets my Bible.

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