Mullet Mama

These photos are brought to you courtesy of the “beauty” filter on my camera.  Cuz life hasn’t been that good to me.DSC03870

Meet my new haircut.  I sent a picture to my friend and she said, “Wait, did you do that on purpose?”


Sorry, something had to give or I was cutting it all off.  I have always had the worst widows peaks necessitating what amounts to a front comb-over.  In other words, if I put my hair in a ponytail the game’s all up.


It doesn’t help either that I spend all day subconsciously pushing my hair behind my ears.  But check it out.  Problem solved.  Short in front and long in back. 


Okay, so it may not have been the best idea, but the long hair experiment was destined to expire anyways.  In the spring I will cut it ALL off.  Just watch me.

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