We bought a camera a year ago that I dropped off the top of the bookshelf.  This is exactly what my husband thought would happen so he had it under warranty.  Since Christmas I have bought three replacement cameras and returned all of them.  I’m picky like that.  Then it occurred to me, “If my $370 camera is going to be poopy, then why not just buy an iPad with a poopy camera?”  ipad-air2-overview-bb-201410

Only it’s not poopy, it’s quite nice.   And since we are now camera-less, all new pictures on the blog will be from the Air 2.  Which is good, because if you didn’t notice, I could never remember to download the camera anyways.  I was telling Boy, when I actually have time to download the camera (or take it out of the box for that matter) then maybe I can afford to get a nice camera.  Until then, it’s kind of a moot point.


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