Happy Birthday Pie!

A while ago I resolved to make a lemon meringue pie every year on my birthday.  That way when I knock over dead at the ripe old age of 85 I at least will have accomplished something.


This year’s pie turned out a whole lot better than last year’s.  In fact, I liked the recipe so much I will have a hard time experimenting with another one.  The author explained a lot of chemistry behind the construction of a lemon pie.  For instance, after your starch thickens, overheating can make it implode.  Not to mention, vigorous whisking toward the end can break down whatever you just built.  With this in mind I got a nice firm set on the pie itself.  I was less happy with the meringue.  I wanted bigger and badder.  However, it did taste delightful.  I also made a coconut cream pie while I was at it.  And after dinner I am going to sit down and eat a slice of each on the same plate and be very pleased.  Happy (late) birthday to me.


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