Baking is Jael’s favorite thing to do.  If she could, she would do it every day.  And while I think it’s nice that she’s so eager to mess up my kitchen, I don’t have the extra time.

But Betty Crocker does.


I have never liked box mixes, but I love how I can just toss one at her and she’s happy.  For her birthday next month I’m going to buy her a lighter, pocket knife, and a mother load of cake mixes.  That and she wants her own pastry bag.


She found her own heart cake pans at the last yard sale of the season.


And is quickly developing a strong fan base.


Someday I would like to have more time to do fun/creative stuff with the girls.  But right now I don’t appear to have that kind of life.  Maybe it’s under the couch somewhere with the rest of my stuff.  I saw Judith sitting on the back of the couch cushions earlier today dropping a wide assortment of things down the crack.  I stared at her for a second, made a mental note where my rubber spatula was, and moved on.


Lately I have come more and more to endorse cheating.  In other words, do what you have to to say yes.  Even it means the kind of frosting with the sprinkles in the lid.  Because yes is always more fun than no.

IMG_0133 (1)


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