The Marvels Of Jello

Jael has the zealous life skill of knowing exactly what she wants.  Which is nice because then I don’t have to go out of my way to appease her.  She remembers at the store to buy Jello, and then she remembers to make it in the afternoon so it is ready for dinner.  The first time Jael tried to get me to buy it for her my emphatic opinion was that it was disgusting.  I have since learned that this is irrelevant.

IMG_0137 (1)

Jello it is.


While Jello is not actually a food, it is fun.  And I suppose it helps the girls learn how to measure liquids, follow directions, and not burn themselves.


But mostly it is a chance for the kids to air the cookie cutters.  Jehu actually refuses to eat Jello, but he isn’t above making it into trains.  It’s a lot of action packed into a tiny box.  Just add water.


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