We only went little over a week without hot water.  But it was excruciating.  The upside was that I had an excuse to put off cleaning the nasty bathroom.  And now I don’t.


I have mixed feelings.

We thought a while about whether or not to buy a new gas water heater or scab a used electric.  In the end, the new one cost $1500 and the Craigslist one cost $80.  It makes water hot and it matches.  What more can I ask?  What was hilarious was the lady who delivered it.  She was filthy dirty and pulled up in an old pick-up with her appliance dolly, ready to unload it with her mechanic’s hands.  But you could tell she used to be beautiful.  Big blonde hair with the stereotypical “big” accessories, and hot pink blush giving a nice tint to her leather tan.  Minus a few teeth and now into her late fifties, she had apparently changed her ways.  A nail tech gone to the dark side, she said.  She had found her calling in salvage.  I asked, “What have you done to your hand?”

She held up her bandaged wrist and pulled up her sleeve showing streaks of purple reaching past her elbow.  Her black tipped fingernails poked out of the end of the gauze and her fingers were swollen and dark.  “Ah, I was pulling a board from a barn and it came at me.  I fell back and landed on my arm.  Don’t know if I broke it or what.”  She held up the stubby appendage and stared at it dumbly for a second before putting it all behind her.  “Now if there is anything else you want, you let me know.”  I asked for a toilet with a ten gallon tank and invited her to dinner, but sadly she couldn’t stay.  You just never know who you’re going to meet on Craigslist.  Did I ever tell you about the lady who offered to bake me pies and let my children watch her goats ride her horses?  Really, you don’t know what you’re missing.  😉