The Ripe Old Age Of Seven

Jael celebrated her seventh birthday this weekend.  Since we are in the middle of moving, and I’m busy slash lazy, we opted for a family birthday.  We started the day with a candlelit breakfast and then Grammy arrived for an all day bake-athon.


Grammy means business.  They started by baking a layer cake.


Then made chocolate pretzels.


Candy coated marshmallows.


Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, stuffed with chocolate spread, and topped with M&M’s (not pictured).


Then they crumb coated their cake before heading off for a late lunch.  Grammy barely held her own against encroaching forces.


Jael wore her birthday hat from Rahab for a quick jaunt to Chick-fil-A.  I was like, “Jael, you can’t wear that.”  Then she pointed out the obvious, “It’s my birthday, I can overdress if I want to.”  Such a lady.


I guess looks can be deceiving.


Jael has her own frosting gun with tips.  Grammy pointed out that I should buy her a can of frosting occasionally so she can practice on graham crackers.  Because we all need more of this.

IMG_0583 IMG_0590

Armed and dangerous.

IMG_0602 IMG_0605 IMG_0620

Happy birthday!

IMG_0625 IMG_0632

We’re taking the extra damages to church today for the snack table.  All those little kids won’t know what hit them.


We also started a new tradition this year.  Each person wrote Jael something nice on a piece of paper that we taped to the wall.  They will probably stay up until we move.  And then I will take them down and put them in Jael’s file to keep.


She liked knowing she was special.  And you should have seen the looks on the boys’ faces when I told them to go write their sister something nice.  Their eyes bugged out a little and they made choking noises, but they came through.


We love you Jael.



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