More Patch Than Wall

Welcome to Mavis’ house of horrors.  I’m not sure what the previous owners were doing in here but I’m pretty sure someone could have got killed.  Don’t worry, I’m destroying the evidence.   IMG_1188

First I scrubbed the ceiling with TSP.  Which is kinda like scrubbing a floor, but on a ladder.  Then I finished hunting and patching holes and began sanding.  I think it’s going to take me a while.  Basically every wall in this house had to be lightly sanded to knock off the barnacles.  Then patched, then sanded again.  Fortunately this is the only room where the ceiling had to be sanded too.  Unfortunately, there is 360 square feet of it.  And then I need to caulk all the corners.  (That’s cheating, but I don’t care.  Because I’m not going to tape them.)


Someday I’ll even get to paint it.  And then it’s going to be magic.  This is the room that will make the house.  I can hardly wait for the flooring to go in as well as my new doors and light fixtures.  How can you stand the suspense?


2 thoughts on “More Patch Than Wall

    • I know, right now the kids are positively swarming over their bunk beds and climbing the Ethan Allen. I can’t wait to be able to throw them in there.

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