How The Other Half Lives

Or maybe it’s just us….


I have a hard time posting the “during” pictures.  Because really, it’s just so bad.  But I know I like to see your laundry, so I guess I’ll show you mine.  😉  Isn’t that fun?


I didn’t update this weekend because we were all sick.  All eight of us exactly.  The children piled in bed with me this morning and coughed and passed the tissue.  But I’m sure we’ll feel better shortly.  And we did make progress even though we were crummy.  I got the second coat of paint in the hearth room, scrubbed the floor, cleaned the new-ish stove, and bought a $27 table.  Now we don’t have to eat on the floor anymore.  But we do have to eat standing up, because it doesn’t have chairs.  :/  I still say it’s an improvement.


Daddy Boy finished plumbing the sink and garbage disposal, seeded the lawn, and put in some more counters and drawers.


He also took me to the Sears Outlet to do some scratch and dent shopping.  I was very happy to find this little number without scratch OR dent.  For the same price as the ones that were beat to pieces.  We were less happy when it took us two days to install it on account of the crud in our pipes that didn’t get flushed out and clogged the dishwasher and faucet repeatedly.  We still haven’t got the log jam out of the faucet.  This is what we call husband purgatory.


I also got around to making my rather intimidating hardware order.  Hopefully I got it all right and it turns out to be just the thing.  For that price, it had better be.  And it should probably make me iced coffees and dance the polka.  We’ll see.


Today I’m cleaning house, blowing my nose, gathering up the children for lunch out, errands, Costco, and then back home to wash my substantial collection of vent covers in the bathtub with TSP and a hearty dose of fortitude.

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