Just Stripping In The Backyard With My Mother

My mother came to visit me.  She couldn’t stay away.  She knew I had a pile of base languishing away on the patio in need of a good lap dance.


Any other person, with an ounce of moral respectability, would have tossed it.  But then I priced mahogany trim and thought twice.  Basically, we’re only stripping because we’re short of the ready.  Age old story.


Plus, it’s really, really fun.  But I never actually get to do it.  I spend all my time holding babies, changing diapers, and looking for stuff.  Which is why my mother came to the rescue.  Look at her go.  By comparison it becomes shockingly obvious how much I DON’T get done.


But I can online shop.  While nursing, with one hand.  (Yes, she’s good.)


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