The New World Order

When we first moved into this house there was literally no clean surface to set the laundry on.  My laundry basket was packed with stuff from the move.  I couldn’t throw laundry on the bed, because we didn’t have one.  We were sleeping in a tent.  So I would stand there with all these clean clothes in my arms, wondering what I was supposed to do with them.  I had no choice but to carry them into the garage and stuff them into the right bags, from whence they came.  Folding wasn’t an option.  But what I noticed a few days in was that the laundry situation was entirely neutralized.  Since there was no place to put it, it couldn’t pile up.  It came right out of the dryer and into someone’s Ikea bag.  It was the easiest week of laundry I have ever done.


And there is no going back.

I haven’t been putting the laundry right away when it comes out of the dryer because the bags are stuffed in the closet and it doesn’t work as well.  But I sure haven’t been folding it.  That would actually be kinda funny.  I am set on modeling the new laundry room on a similar, no-fold system.  I would love to have a basket for each kid, so when I take laundry from the dryer I can stand there and shoot hoops with their skivvies.  Then they can take their bin to their room and put their clothes away at their leisure to their particular standards.  Or not put it away ever, I don’t care.  I would also like a place to hang clothes in the laundry room.  So if I am personally worried about something wrinkling, I can hang it then and there.  But, odds are, I won’t.  I certainly haven’t.

Having experienced that one week of complete laundry liberty has entirely corrupted my morals.  I used to be an avid folder.  Turn it right side out, snap it, fold it, press it.  Repeat.  I felt a good sharp, firm fold put you one step ahead of wrinkles, without ironing.  However, my kids have been wearing un-folded clothes for the last month and a half and their overall appearance is exactly the same as it was before.  So that’s it, we’re done here.

Of course, some people have their children fold the clothes, which is also an energy saving system.  Except it’s totally bogus.  Children fold clothes the same way my mother does.  She kind of absentmindedly wads it into a roll, while it’s still inside out, and then puts it in the wrong stack.  So why not just skip that step and throw it in a pile?  Which is where it is going to end up anyways, when they take it to their room and dump it on the floor.  I think I’ve got to the point where there are only two options for people producing as much laundry as we do.  Either spend a lot of time folding laundry, or outsource it to highly unreliable midgets with low quality control.  Most adults I know can’t fold laundry with beans anyways, so I kind of wonder why we bother.  It would be one thing if our militaristic stack of shirts lead a staid and unimpeded existence in our drawers until needed, but they don’t.  They get attacked by squirrels in the night and blend to a froth.  The new plan is to touch clothes once and toss them into the right bin as soon as they come out.  No laundry basket catch-all, no convenient couch corner, no bedroom laundry bane.  You can live out of you clean clothes basket in the laundry room, or you can put your clothes away yourself.  But I’m pretty sure I can find something better to do.


4 thoughts on “The New World Order

  1. I built 4 laundry-basket-sized shelves in my laundry room (all salvaged pieces of wood and those $2 brackets from Home Depot). I can stand at the dryer. hang shirts above the washer and throw everything else in it’s basket (except for towels. They get folded). It has been the best system I’ve tried so far. It’s not pretty but it works. 🙂

  2. I’ve totally outsourced laundry. When we were still homeschooling Yasha did all the laundry for all the kids and put it all the way (she is the second oldest) but obviously when she began to be gone 30 hours a week that no longer worked. Now she does laundry for her and Miysha and they “put it away” (meaning it can’t be on the floor where it is mistaken for dirty laundry) and Ana does her own laundry. She has higher standards. And I am back to doing laundry for the boy and Nolan and I. Nolan and Ana jump in and throw in random loads to help me keep on top of the ridiculous amounts of laundry that needs to be done. And you are so right- kid clothes look the same if you fold them right out of the dryer or if they are waded up in a bag. Pick your battles. I worry about wrinkles in nolan’s work clothes only moderately. (he wears a lab coat, so I don’t iron anything. I let everything line dry for him and that takes care of everything that has to be taken care of- he has to look presentable not business ready. He has a PhD, he can get away with a fair bit if he puts his lab coat on 😉 ).

    have I mentioned I miss you? 🙂

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