Arbor Day

Daddy Boy set up a man date with fellow tree climbers to celebrate Arbor Day.  Then he called some clients and asked if he could borrow their state champion walnut tree to “play” in.  They said yes so he was able to indulge in his tree envy.  He actually tried this trick before on an oak tree.  It took up a whole lot and was the biggest tree I’ve ever seen.  Anyways, they told him no.  Last year they even went so far as to cut it down in order to built tenements.  Jerks.


I stopped by with the kids so they could all have a turn.  One of the other climbers had brought his daughter as well.  She’s the little pink helmet bobbing around.


Boy has become quite the expert at stringing little kids up trees.  He’s even learned to put in the back-up system so he can let them down when they get stuck.  He usually sets up climbing stuff at birthdays or brings it with him to family reunions and parties.  The children love it.


On their birthdays the kids put in a request for their “Daddy Date.”  This year Jael asked for him to take her to a bigger tree.  Actually, just cut to the chase and take her to the biggest tree.  I think that’s what she said.


I cleared the pests out after an hour so Daddy could have time to climb on his own.  The guys staid until almost 8:00.  I think it must be kind of peaceful to hang out in the top of a tree.  That and it’s almost entirely wife proof.



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