The end must be in sight when your to-do list can finally fit on the white board.

FullSizeRender (1)

I would like to think that this list is all that stands between me and some semblance of normality.  The home stretch.  The light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s pushing two months now and I’m starting to really miss things.

I miss making sure my children’s hair is combed.  I miss dressing the girls in something besides hot pants.  I miss sitting down with my tea in the morning.  I miss cleaning my kitchen (cuz I still don’t have one).  I miss making my bed.  I miss Shurley English and handwriting and catechism.  I miss baking, or cooking anything with more than 3 ingredients.  I miss decorating.  I miss the library.  I miss my husband.  I miss clothes that don’t have paint on them.  I miss make-up.  I miss my 35 pairs of heels.  I miss curtains.  I miss clean.  I miss doorknobs.  I miss that little spring-loaded roller that holds the toilet paper in place.  I miss night cream.  I miss yard sales.  I miss listening to the boys practice their piano.  I miss sheets that aren’t gritty.  I miss Bible study.  I miss friends.  I miss flossing.  I miss ordinary.

So I guess there is only one thing for it, I’m going to have to kick this list in the shins.  And then I am going to wear (a lot of) under-eye concealer, my best apron, and bake scones with my girls in my brand new kitchen.  Like it never happened.  So there.


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