Right Now My Life Looks Like This


 Sometimes I look around and mentally despair. Usually that’s when I step in chicken poo in the kitchen because there is no back door to keep chickens out, and the two year old is discovered to be residing in a puddle in the neighbor’s drive.  In her socks.  And I can’t even get a drink of water because the kitchen sink is too full of dishes.  But then – THEN, a friend asks for prayers for someone who’s baby is estimated to die a year after birth and I remember.  This isn’t a burden.  No, what I have is a blessing that is a bit heavy. Keep it straight.

  Over the past few weeks our friend Steve has been stopping by to help with the electrical. Hence the new sweet light fixtures. Not to mention all the new shiny outlets and switches.  It has been great getting to better know people in the church.  It has made me think how fortunate we are to have lived in one place long enough to build those relationships and to really belong to a body.  When I stop to think of the number of people who have helped us I have been amazed.   Rahab has been Steve’s designated helper. Now she walks around and says, “Wow, look at this nice light Steve made.”  Because, yes, IKEA makes you make your own lights. Then she sighs and says, “Steve is so nice.  He’s my friend.”    In other news, we’ve been experimenting with the new irrigation.  Flood The Yard Day remains a family favorite.      The girls finished painting some more closet shelves.  One more thing crossed off the list.     I got the ceiling prepped for paint. My all time favorite job     And daddy took a break to take Jael on her much belated Daddy Date. Each year on their birthday he takes them out to U-Swirl where they make an obscene ice cream amalgamation and then hit the town. I need a Daddy Date.  But we’re getting close to the end. Yesterday I woke up and put a coat of paint on the base I primed before I went to bed. Then I stained the new threshold that was going in, sanded and stained the front window, painted 11 sets of door molding, 7 door jams, 2 windows, and primed and painted a door. The sad news is that I have to do it all over again today. It’s the second coat that really rubs it in.   


One thought on “Right Now My Life Looks Like This

  1. We are truly blessed to have family and friends. When it is all said and done, gives everything a purpose. T

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