Book Acreage

 Even before we moved, we were planning on building a huge custom bookshelf in the new family room. Consequently, two months before we closed on the house I began selling most of our stuff on Craigslist, including all of our bookshelves. However, it didn’t take me long after moving in to realize that this imaginary bookshelf of renown would probably never get built. At least not at this rate.  And I would probably never see the garage again since it was piled under 36 boxes of books, as well as other random floating detritus. 

  I distinctly remember standing in the door of the garage, in a paint covered, dishelved mess of despair, staring at the sea of chaos wondering what do do.  Like, what the hey?  And then it’s came to me, “I guess I could put the books there.”  You know, on this giant bookshelf standing right next to them.  And a weight was suddenly lifted from my shoulders.  Duh. I’m not sure why I took me so long to reach that conclusion. I think it has to be because the bookshelves were so filthy disgusting dirty that I tried not to think about them. The very edge of the universe. Which is why when my little sister called the other week and asked what she could do to help I said, “Why yes, you can come TSP my bookshelves so I don’t have to touch them.”  That’s very nice.     My post-op mother followed in tow, in her mu-mu.  She said she could rehabilitate while painting my bookshelves.  It was a beast of a job. Painting shelves just isn’t the easiest thing. Which is why I was happy to have my family help push me over the edge on that one.  Because I’m pretty sure I still wouldn’t have worked up the nerve to tackle them on my own.   Suffice to say, this weekend my husband and I finally got a chance to unpack our books.  First we had to calculate the placement of the shelves, buy some replacement brackets, and make a list of categories. Then we spent the rest of the evening listening to music and sorting books into art, literature, poetry, geography, classics, science, religion, architecture, etc.   When we were done, at around 11:00 at night we looked up and said, “Hey, wait a second. Why is it full?”  I thought we would have plenty of room, but no. I think there is some kind of universal rule that says, “If your get a bookshelf, it will instantly be full.” Currently I’m in the middle of four refinishing projects. But once I get a little breather we’ll make the big push to clean out the garage, now that the bulk of it is out of the way. Before fall I’m hoping to have the walls painted and a shiny epoxy floor down. Since we have a shop in back, Dante’s garage will be our future rec room.  I found a long rug to lay in front of the bookshelves for reading on, and we want to have a ping pong table on the other side, as well as all the toys.  No one will ever want to leave. But just in case they do, I had Marc install a locking doorknob. 

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      • well, I still have the same blog but I think it has been like 3 years since I’ve managed to blog anything. and I don’t put up anything about life/family/kids/etc on blog. just theology/philosophy/etc. you’d have to go back to facebook for kids/family/etc. We live it CT now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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