I am a little behind on blog posts, but I’m going to jump right up to the present, because today is a special day. Well, special to me, maybe no one else notices. But for the first time in four months, the house is clean.  As in, I don’t have to put my shoes on to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom.

Untitled from miranda otto on Vimeo  It’s like for the first time we can sit back and enjoy living in a home. That little bit of breathing room around the edges.

  That seems to make all the difference.   

8 thoughts on “Home

    • Thanks! It’s not done, but the rest I would like to do at a leisurely pace. The kitchen is far from finished and we still need bedding and curtains. And I haven’t decorated at all. But things are starting to look up. 🙂

    • It is. My mother got our old piano free, years ago, and gave it to us. I painted it blue and put on the decorative scrollwork, and sold it for $400. Then turned around and bought $1000 piano. It’s really nice, made in Holland in 1989, so it even has some life left in it.

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