It’s The Ottos!

Father’s Day we drove to Jerome to stay with Marc’s parents.  Tractor Papa was excited to have a reason to go fishing. For the sake of the children.

 Grammy put together a Sunday picnic.  She does wonders with balsamic vinegar and fresh basil. And pretty much everything else.  Gideon and Jehu are known to put rolls and homemade jam on their birthday lists.

      And we all stuffed ourselves. 

It’s usually at this point that Grammy pulls out five different types of ice cream, lemon bars, and a trifle. Like she thinks it’s funny.

  For Father’s Day we went in on a trampoline for Grandpa.  Look at them, do you see any ulterior motives?

    Later, we got Tractor Papa to play Crack The Egg. 

 He may have had to visit the hot tub later but it was fun while it lasted.  Which wasn’t very long.  Ten to one.  

 Hooray for grandfathers and fathers, who aren’t afraid to lay themselves down for their people, especially their little people.  The heritage of a real man is mighty. And I am glad my children are privileged to have such good men in their lives.

**Here is a link to a talk I listened to Father’s Day weekend, I think you would enjoy it. *M


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