It’s The Smits!

My sister breezed through town this weekend on her way to Texas.  This is a prime example of Smit engineering.   
 Isn’t she cute?  She likes kitties.   Jael taking out her young padawans. 

 Saturday was Rezon’s birthday so we cobbled together some bicycles and rode the greenbelt. We didn’t get very far before we just all got wet instead. 

Except for me. I am morally opposed to getting wet.

    We also went to a yard sale. The children found the mother load of free piles. Marc got into the van and asked, “Why is there an overhead projector in here?”  
 “Because we’re going to break it!” Was the enthusiastic response. I think Boy made them put it back, but caved when it came to the two air purifiers and copier.    Here they are removing circuits with a silver plated cake knife. Which now rests proudly in my possession. 

 I kept asking the fathers, “Are you sure you want them taking apart electronics and then plugging them in?”  They would just shrug and say, “It’s only 120 volts.”  

  Cuz you’re not a man until you’ve been electrocuted. 
 We also made a hefty trip to Trader Joe’s. I think we got three meals out of that without lifting a finger. I need to try that trick on my mother, who wakes up in the middle of my construction zone, and proceeds to make us Belgian waffles with sides of hash browns and fried eggs. Just in case. She’ll say, “People still need to eat!”  And I’ll say, “No they don’t.”

 The next day the boys made the delightful discovery that their chopped air purifier was the perfect chipper for our excess of extruded veggie sticks.  The marvels of the male mind.  Combined with indifferent parenting. It’s always an adventure. 


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