Half Crafting

 Yard sale paint pots + IKEA cabinet boxes = the messy kind of fun.   My theory with art supplies is to let the situation self-destruct as soon as possible.   Preferably outside. 

 And then I throw it all away.

 Usually all our crafts originate at yard sales. I like easy come, easy go. It enables me to say “yes” more often. Especially when I don’t have the time to make sure no one is mixing the colors. Because that is exactly what they are doing.  Once Jael picked up a huge container of plastic beads and her and the boys spent a week melting them into shapes in the oven.  You can probably still find beads all around our old back yard.  The kids do the same thing with Jael’s cast off bag of nail polish. She will set up on the picnic table and yell at Rahab to hold still while she does coats of green and sparkles. Sometimes Judith will paint her whole foot. 

Because as long as you’re outside, you can do whatever you want. 


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