A while ago I took on five finishing projects at the same time.  My mother-in-law took the kids for a whole week while I stayed home and stank up the house.  The smell was so bad I slept outside in my ghetto backyard with my gun under my pillow.  Cuz it’s that kind of neighborhood.  My husband, who hadn’t been breathing fumes all day, was more than happy to have our whole bed to himself.  I spent the first couple of days sanding.  I didn’t realize this was the ultimate arm workout until I couldn’t take off my own shirt.  Hot stuff.
  The counters needed a lot of passes because of the oil stains and Judith’s Sharpie art.  Fortunately they all came out.  And then I stained it black and was like, “Oh, I could have skipped all 16 of these steps and no one would have noticed.”  I didn’t stain the table and just put a straight Waterlox finish on it.  Since the wood was so porous it took five coats to get an even sheen.  This is the first coat.  I had to wait 24 hours in between coats so everything took it’s sweet time.
    Meanwhile, I sanded the bunk bed and wiped on a few coats of Danish oil, which is lovely stuff.  I put a few coats of it on my IKEA crib while I was at it.  

The bed turned out fantastic.  It has a presence about it.  I think it’s all the gravity that is puddling in that corner of the room.  I have to run and throw myself at the bed to get it to move.  It’s also taller than a typical bunk bed with the option of a third bunk in the middle.  The boys like to set up camp in the top like it’s their private citadel.  Since there is still no ladder it is pretty much invincible.   Here are the counters with their first coat of Waterlox and a few coats on the table.  Then I read the label and it’s like, “30-90 days to cure.”  Way to go.  We don’t stand a chance. 
  But at least I have these nice photos.  “See, these are what my counters and table looked like before they were all scratched to pieces.”


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