Why Hello There

Yes, we’re still here.    And I would blog, but really, it’s too hard. I have to use the iPad and formatting/typing is the pits. You have no idea. I have all these posts in my brain, but not the time to sit here and hack them out with my index finger. 
Here are some grainy cell phone photos instead. Be glad.    All of us alive, safe, and well.  Baptisms down by the river.     Warming up for squirrel season.        See you on the other side.  If I ever get there. 

3 thoughts on “Why Hello There

  1. Great pics, and I spose those squirrels are shaking in their proverbial boots. Don’t feel bad about not writing, though I very much like your style, I know where you’re coming from, I have quite a few video’s that go unproduced due to the time it takes for editing etc. There are just not enough of me.

    God Bless Marc, Miranda and all the little O’s

    • Thanks Bruce. Maybe I will take my laptop into the shop. I can squeeze in the time to blog if I don’t have to fight technology to do it. Otherwise it’s not as much fun. I want to make a time lapse video some day. Now I know who will help me edit it. 🙂

    • Gideon popped a squirrel in the butt this morning. But it seem to have disappeared before we could finish the job. Daddy put a bounty on the squirrels at five dollars apiece. They keep eating all of his English walnuts.

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