Unfortunately it was the garage (and the garage sink) that stood between me and progress.  It’s where I made my last stand.


I spent two weeks reclaiming the garage.  Most of it was spent unpacking random boxes and sorting the fall out.  When I could finally see the floor I stood back, took a picture, and sent it to everyone I knew.  Victory!  When we first moved into the house we put everything we owned in the garage.  From all the kitchen appliances to the kitchen itself.  Plus all our clothes, books, food, beds, furniture, etc.  Every time we wanted something (like breakfast) we had to go out and mull around in the mess poking into one box after another.  By the time I got down to the last 50 or so boxes it was nothing but chaos set to puree.  That last bit is always the worst.


When I was done I set to mopping the floor.  This took me five hours and upward of 30 buckets of water, and destroyed my mop at the same time.  It was impossibly dirty, and probably still is.


When I was finished mucking out the garage I came back inside the house and found an all new adventure. The real explosion happened around the corner, so this is only the outer reaches of the outbreak.  You will have to use your imagination for the rest.  It took me the next week to put everything away.


The garage, at least, was impeccable.  Although it did take me forever to clear the driveway.  It seems like every time I get the boxes cleaned up, and the neighbors start to think we’re human, we vomit out another pile and kick around in them until they give up hope all over again.


As an interesting side note, I was driving with the kids to do some errands when I saw a roll of carpet lying innocently in the dumpster behind the carpet store.  I actually had to stop the car and think, do I go get in that dumpster and then cram a roll of carpet on top of my children in the back of the van, or do I just keep driving like I’m a normal person?  I opted for the former.  The carpet was brand new and has turned out to be the perfect addition for the still rather inhospitable garage.  But we do have plans.  Before winter I would like to have an epoxy floor down.  That might be optimistic.  And someday I am going to tape and paint in there.  Then, maybe years down the road, we’ll buy the fancy garage doors we want.


To address the overflow problem occurring in the kitchen from the recent influx, Boy upgraded my broom closet with a few more shelves.  Underneath I am going to put bins for my bulk goods.  I’m just so excited to finally have a spot for things I never had room for in my old house.  The credenza a few photos up was also born of necessity.  Finally a place to put all my photo albums, love letters, year books, not to mention everything anyone has ever mailed me.  I want to be able to have keepsakes at the ready so my children are free to look through them on rainy days.  As opposed to finding them when I die.


Once the garage was open for business it was an immediate hit.  Like, it’s crazy in there.  Perler bead crazy.  I try to super clean it once a week, but the rest of the time I have them pick up their stations, in the half-assed manner they are accustomed to, and call it good.


Also of interest, the master bedroom is now in the hearth room.  Yep.  You know your neighbors are bad when you choose to move your bed across the house to the dining table.  We plan on going back to our old room some day.  Maybe when the neighbors overdose on their homemade drugs.  Or when it gets cooler.  Or they get arrested.  Or when I suck it up and sew black out shades.  Or when they get evicted.  Or when I finally get around to hosting a big party.  Someday, something has to give.  Meanwhile we’re sleeping like babies.


The children have been slowly unpacking all of their toys.  We had them packed up at the old house because there really wasn’t room anymore.  But it turns out, toys in the garage are totally different than toys all over the house.  I can live with this.


Judith is happy.

IMG_2061 IMG_2066

The track shelves in the kitchen are another example organizational aftermath.  Stuff had to go somewhere.  When we were still in the thick of the remodel I was showing a friend through the studio in the back yard, while bemoaning the fact that I would never get around to the open shelving in my kitchen.  That’s when she pointed to the wall and said, “Well, you could always use those.”  I seriously would have never thought of it.  The studio is so dirty I try not to go in at all.  But my eyes were opened.  They’re maybe a little more matchy/70’s than I would like, but they were free.  They are on the wall.  Live and let live.


We are now finally at the point where we can coexist with our house and work on things at our leisure.  All systems go.  And if you’re wondering about the lengthy post, it’s because my husband even fixed my laptop!  I asked him, “How did you do it?”  He said, “I don’t know, I just took it apart and did what some Chinese dude said to do in one of the hundred comments in a forum on why your Chromebook is a piece of crap.”  It worked.  Here’s to typing with all of your fingers.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I like open shelves for closed kitchens, especially when the ceiling is too low for upper cabinets.

    As far as the oh-so-very-70’s brass… spray paint covers a multitude of sins ^_^

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