Post Protest

Mommy kinda feels like she was run over by a train.  When I signed up my husband asked, “How much of your time is this going to take?”  I said, “Pfft!  Can’t take that much, it’s happening in a week.”  Haha.  So funny.  I’m not sure I was exactly the person for the job, but I harassed all my contacts to the limit and then went mad stalker on people/organizations/churches I didn’t know.  The turnout was 150-200.  But I was happy to see so many towns in the 300’s to 4000’s.  Maybe America is waking up.

But we just irritated the rest of them.  My son came up to me while I was talking to some friends and held up his middle finger.  “Mother, what does this mean?”  I said, “It means they don’t like you and think you’re ugly.”  From then on out we gave Jehu the hardest time.  (We got flipped off a LOT.)  I would say, “There goes another person who doesn’t like Jehu, wave!”  And Jael would ask all perplexed, “Why don’t they like Jehu?”


Although, seriously, I do want to know what kind of grandma drives by children with balloons and giant hearts, booing them out her open window.  Cuz the grandmas were the worst.  If Jehu would have got run over, it would have been by an old lady in a Prius.  Surprisingly, it was the low riders, truckers, the rednecks, and the tatted up kids who were honking at us.  There was some World of Warcraft boy in a full face mask waving and smiling at us through the metal screen around his mouth.  It reminds me of the verse, “At that time Jesus declared, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes.”


Marc and I both went to bed feeling heavy at heart.  I had made a point during the day to look in every driver’s eyes and wave and smile.  What I saw there was chilling.  Don’t get me wrong, I would say there were around half who responded positively, and I’m happy for that.  But the indifference, stony-faced inflexibility, or hostility written on so many was disturbing.  Their un-compromising partisanship did not even allow them to address the situation or change with the times.  It’s the same old mantras.  Somehow women are all going to die of breast cancer and never be able to get pap smears and contraceptives if abortions aren’t legal, subsidized, casual, and common.  The world will simply never be a better place until we can kill the pre-born on a whim.  If your utopia hinges on discrimination and oppression of minorities, which you then attempt justify by flippantly denying their humanity – then maybe you’re due for an upgrade.  Keep up people.


Here is Judith when we were done for the day.  I felt the same way.  As I continue to process these events I am more and more convicted to stand my ground at home.  To be a wife of one and the mother of many, to be thankful, to be intentional, to revel in the Word, and to keep my post.  Saturday was a skirmish, but this is where we win the war.  I would encourage you to not underestimate the work you are doing.  They can’t touch this.  But oh, they would like to.


I also haven’t given up the idea of continuing to protest.  I want to fight the stereotype.  I think they have us pegged as whack jobs or old ladies who somehow got left behind when the other protesters left.  I am excited to start randomly showing up in front of Planned Parenthood with my family, just for kicks.  That’s the upside of having 6 kids, you have a good start on your own army and can do what you want.  But I think it would be beneficial for people to have a face for their “enemy.”  I want them to get to know me.  “Oh, it’s that nice family who’s always there smiling and waving at me on my way to work.”  I also want to start to rethink the signs.  “9 Months of Your Life for the Rest of Theirs.”  “Is 9 months too much to ask?”  “Your mother did it for you.”  #payitforward  “Love Them Both”  “Women Deserve Better”  “Abortion is not the solution.”  “We Can Do Better”  “Abortion doesn’t get prettier.”  #anotherboy  “Abortion isn’t a Future.  Don’t Stop Here!”  Since the majority of people are either idiots or zealots covering their sins with the fetuses of others, the only real audience you have are the people who pride themselves on the fact that they are open minded, tolerant, and progressive.  Speak to them, and then call them on it.  You can let me know if you have any ideas because I am going to keep working on it.


And then I’m probably going to invite you.  That’s right, I just don’t let things go.  You’re coming.  I’m going to shoot for one hour, at least once a month, and the worse the weather the better.  I figure if I just have one family with me it will be more fun for my children.  And I simply don’t see how homeschooling, Christian families wouldn’t value the opportunity.  Protest day with the Ottos and ice cream at Zim’s Burger Stache!  What memories are made of.  “Because when I grew up, when you didn’t like something, you did something about it.”




4 thoughts on “Post Protest

  1. The Meek, the Lowly, the Humble are the only ones who will understand, protecting the meek and lowly. Their humility and openness shows their vulnerability. So some understand, because they know there is none more vulnerable than a baby. God Bless you all, Marc Otto is a Blessed man

  2. A) you have outstandingly beautiful children
    B) we just moved to Texas from Meridian, or we’d be out there with you in the future
    C) thanks for your thoughts. They have impacted my thinking on my response to abortion

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