Labor Day *updated*

Yesterday I excitedly announced to the kids, “It’s Labor Day!  That means you get out of school so you can do LABOR!”  They were naturally suspicious, but opted for compliance once they considered the alternative.

Daddy spent the day working on chainsaws, irrigating the yard, and cutting up firewood. I organized all the closets and brought new sizes in from storage for the fall birthdays.

The children played in the water and did odd jobs for their daddy.  They also had to clear the carport to begin stacking the new firewood.  Rahab mostly wallowed around in the muck trying to see how many of her new dresses she could get dirty.

It took them quite a while to stack all the wood. I think it was the mud breaks.

And the tree climbing breaks.

But I think they had fun and it all got done. When I finally let them back in the house it was so I could give them all baths. Marc and I walked out at one point to find Gideon playing with the leaf blower and Jael in the sawdust.  Who does that?  Like Rahab, who came up to us with this nasty dirt covered mushroom and said, “Yeah, this is the mushroom I ate.”  We both looked at it and said, “But why would you ever put that in your mouth?”  Much less three of them.  I’m sure food poisoning taught her a lesson. She was sick all Friday afternoon. When we were researching mushrooms we pretty much came to the conclusion that if you see one in your yard, you should kill it.  Because they are all bad and who knows when someone will feel the need for a snack.

P.S.  I thought I would update this with Jehu’s journal rendition of the most recent holiday.

Labor Day was three days ago.  The Mozy Beast let us out of our evil torment to build on her castle.  We toiled and slaved away on the wood walls.  She fed us bread scraps and then we were sent back to work.  My brother Git got an extra lash with the whip because he stole food.  Later, he tripped on a pile of bricks and died.  Or so he said.  Finally, the terrible day ended and we slept on a hard rock outside until the next dawn.  The end.


One thought on “Labor Day *updated*

  1. I have a friend and former boss from the 80’s who I saw recently, when he saw me, he said, “There’s Bruce, he made me work on Labor Day!” …………it’s only logical !? If they expect us to do differently they should call it intentionally, “Take a Day Off Day”

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