I’ll Take It

This weekend we moved our bed out of the dining room.  Hooray!  They cycled out the old meth heads next door for new, quieter meth heads.  They even have a cake stand.  I take that as a sign of improved morality.


Below is the menu from last week.  We enjoyed the stew, but I think it was too annoying for me to run out and make again any time soon.  The Roasted Veggie Pitas, on the other hand, were surprisingly quick and easy.  And pitas are cheap and plentiful at Costco, so that makes it an option for a large family meal.  The Bolognese was an easy way for me to use up a basket of garden tomatoes.  I blended them up and then simmered them indefinitely.  It’s not what the recipe said, but I did it anyways, and everyone said it was good.  The Spinach and Cheese Green Chile Enchiladas were lovely.  Only I used corn tortillas instead of flour and softened them in hot oil first.  Deep frying makes everything better?  And last, I made a triple batch of my favorite Vegetarian Tortilla Soup on Sunday.  We had 25 people over for lunch after church.  As soon as they were done eating I started in on a double batch of fry bread I had set to rise that morning.  They ate them as fast as I could fry them.  Maybe it was the 21 children.  They can do some damage.  My mother-in-law’s fry bread recipe is my go-to food solution for a crowd.  It’s killer.  Some day I will post the recipe.  Until then, you can just come over.  🙂


I mentioned a while ago that these track shelves in my kitchen came out of the back shop.  One of my friends pointed out that I could use them in my kitchen instead of waiting indefinitely for the floating, live edge lumber shelves I wanted.  Oddly enough, this would have never occurred to me and I am eternally grateful.  Where else was I to put my tea cups the ten long years I waited for my imaginary shelves of renown?  In a box?


My mother had offered me similar, unsolicited advice.  She said, “You know that huge dresser in the shop?  You need to put it in your living room.”  And I stared at her in horror.  Why would I ever put that nasty, ugly thing in my house?


Because it’s HUGE.  Nine feet long and four feet high.  Think of all the stuff I can pack in there.  I have spent the last two weeks going through our storage in it’s entirety.  I decided to not store anything that was not meant to be stored.  So I rashly hauled everything else up to the house and tossed it into the garage, where the children have been systematically going through it for the last couple days.  Someone even tried to burn down the house with a hot glue gun last night.  I’m hoping to be able to have everything sorted and into it’s new home sometime this week (before I go crazy).  All my vintage linens, craft supplies, fabric stockpiles, vintage stationary, and Marc’s and my art supplies from college.  It will be so nice to have everything at the ready by the big table for the children to actually use.  Now it’s just a matter of what color to paint it.


In other news, I picked up this chaise lounge at a yard sale for $30.  It’s in desperate need of cleaning but it’s not saggy and there aren’t any holes.  Talk about the BEST reading spot.  It’s not the prettiest, but I’ll take it too.

IMG_2374 IMG_2375

After this I think I might just be officially “unpacked.”


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