We Like Short Shorts

Running has been hit and miss these days.  But this week I got in three days in a row.  Life is starting to come together.  I think that is one of the reasons I like running, because it only happens when the stars align.  About every three years.  So while it doesn’t seem very fun at the time, it is kind of consoling to remind myself that at least I will be safely pregnant before I ever have to run a 10k.  Enjoy it while it lasts.


It’s even more fun now that my kids are old enough to go with me.  They run their little hearts out.  I kind of drag my carcass along behind them.  (Is that as far as you can reach Gideon?)


Here are the boys streaking to the van before the neighbor glimpses the indignity of their apparel.  We like short shorts!


Gideon trying cover his shame with his literature while he waits for me to unlock the van.  But it’s hard to tell which is more mortifying, the amount of leg he is showing or his taste in books.


Now he is really embarrassed.


I find it ironic that when I tell the kids that it’s time to go running they scramble out the door with as many books as they can carry.  Almost as though I said, “Let’s go to the library!”  And when we finish our run they grab their books and wander around the trails reading while they wait for me.  Little old ladies at the nature reserve come up to me and say, “What nice children.  They get their exercise and their reading!”  Athletes in the making.


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