Try It, You’ll Like it

We were lined up to have 23 people over after church a couple weeks ago.  It was only later that I found out there was a pro-life event around the corner at the same time.  So, of course, during the middle of lunch, I turned to the ladies next to me and asked, “Hey, do you want to go to a protest?”  They politely asked when, and I said, “Now.”  Like right now.


Such nice girls.  Well, the boys came too.  Please observe my husband mortifying the flesh.  He’s not one to stand on the side of the street with a sign.  Unless it’s really bad.  And it is.  (Really bad.)  I can’t really come to grips with it myself.  What am I to do?  Does doing this matter?  And all I can come up with is that the only thing that could possibly be worse is our saturated indifference.  In which case, get out there.  Get flipped off and freshen up.  It’s the least you can do.

IMG_2898 IMG_2897

The people I dragged along with me were all first time protesters.  And now they are protesters for life.  It happens to the best of us.


Save the baby humans!


I’ve come to realize more and more that abortion isn’t really an issue that can be reasonably resolved.  It’s not a rational skirmish.  It’s not that the opposition needs more evidence that babies are humans, not tissue.  Or that they feel pain.  Or, that they are not in fact, “your body.”  I doubt they even have much consideration for the ethical ramifications of LIFE being something somewhat bigger than they are.  They’re not sure when “life” begins, but they’re happy to stick their forceps in there and muck around anyways.  Foolish, arrogant, and short-sighted.  But that’s not the issue.  It’s simply that run of the mill sinners don’t like people telling them what they are supposed to do.  They are deathly afraid there might be a God out there, or, that heaven forbid, someone might try to stand between them and their own sin.  Abortion is a heart issue.  And it’s not about the hearts of the people having abortions.  It’s about the people who sense some kind of impending morality coming down on them, interfering with their own petty fiefdoms.  So they desperately look around, and promptly grab the nearest, vulnerable, pregnant woman and toss her in your way.  Like cannon fodder.  I kind of imagine them hiding behind the ravaged wombs of the unsupported, unloved, and despairing women, and their millions of dismembered young.  And from behind these walls they yell out their taunts and accuse us of hating women and standing in the way of social progress.  And I think, “My, what a bunch of pussies.”  Of course I never say things like that, or write them in my blog, I just think them to myself.


I have yet to be convinced that the people who drive by and flip us off, or the car full of college boys, who turn down their rap music long enough to go past chanting, “Pro-choice, pro-choice!,” are doing so because they are compassionate.  I’m like, “Ohhh, those are the people who care about women and the betterment of society.”  It’s so nice to finally put a face to the name.  Of course, there are a few honest souls out there.  But I do not find them to be predominate.  Everyone has their own agenda, the vulnerable or only here to fuel it.  I find it’s the Christians out on the sidewalks who are the ones with the least to prove.  They’re only out here, and not home packing their bug-out bags and minding their own business, because mass degeneracy has forced their hand.  Personally, sin does not surprise me.  I expect it of you.  And I am certainly not waiting for politics to fix the state of our hearts.  Or anything.  Pretty much ever.  Really, you can’t get much more progressively lackluster than me.  I’m the last person you’d want to accuse of “legislating morality,” ye who want to legislate everything.  But if you are going to take advantage of hopeless women, dissect their young, after mislabeling them as “tissue,” only to turn around and bicker over the price of their livers – then I will be like, “Oh, heck no.”


I guess I shouldn’t be so quick to write myself off as a fatalist.  I just don’t believe in fixing upstream problems downstream.  But you have to draw the line somewhere.  And frankly, if society can’t draw this line, it can consider itself past it’s due date.  If people actually were interested in supporting women and creating a brighter future, they should probably, you know, TRY.  Instead of making their last stand at the pro-abortion Alamo.  How can you even begin to do better if the cornerstone of your morality, and all that is holy, is subsidized infanticide?  Can’t touch this.  Because the next thing you know people are posting abortion selfies and mailing babies’ brains in FedEx boxes.  It’s not exactly the road someone with any amount of foresight would want to travel down.  This should not be a divisive issue.  It’s a human issue.  And last I checked, we’re all human.  We should be supporting women, supporting life, supporting progress.  Not killing it, because it’s easier that way.  We don’t actually want to help that woman make it to term, or spend the time to help her make the harder choice, and then help educate and empower her children.  Because we don’t like them anyway.  The next generation is a drain.  Now that’s forward thinking.


It’s also not the issue that pro-lifers are trying to keep women from healthcare, or that we are trying to get all up in her vagina (because we’re the only ones who aren’t there already), or that by seeking to defund Planned Parenthood we want to keep hordes of marginalized women away from mammograms – that Planned Parenthood doesn’t actually provide.  Like, what?  Someone asked individuals “concerned with women’s health” what they would think if we tripled funding for women’s services and then dispersed it to various providers, other than Planned Parenthood.  Nope, they were not impressed.  Because they don’t actually care about women, or children, they care about the right to do whatever the F they please, and screw you.  A government issued license to kill.  Responsibility isn’t something we’re into these days.  If America ever does get off it’s duff, if it does decide to change with the times, and give humanity a shot, then hopefully someday abortion will become obsolete.  As one of the dumbest, most backwards things a “society” ever did.  And people will look back and say, “Are you kidding me?”  If not, I wouldn’t be surprised if we turn into the next Mad Max flick, and we’re just harvesting those suckers as fast as Pepsi or Stem Express will buy them.  Cuz nothing stands in the way of money.  Especially when your morality is flat out on it’s back to begin with.

Is it just me, or is Mommy having a bad day?

3 thoughts on “Try It, You’ll Like it

  1. It is not just you. I am completely baffled by how anyone could just think abortion is ho-hum everyday business as usual. I just can’t. I can see feeling like you have no way out, that your sin has you so deep you just don’t see any light or even any tunnel. But the people doing this to these women day in and day out. Making a career and a living out of killing babies. Do they really think that helps these women despite the many examples of how much harm abortion does to women mentally and physically? Help the women and their babies. Help them find that light they can’t see. Help them find a way to make this work.

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