Food and Friends

Last week’s menu:


The fettuccine Alfredo and lentil loaf are good recipes.  Simple and substantial.  Not to mention yummy.  But I’m too tired to transcribe them for you.  You will have to settle for the links to the Cashew Butter Paneer and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars (super easy).  Because that’s less work.

IMG_3062 (1)

We had some good friends over Saturday night for Indian food.  There’s nothing quite like it.  Good food and good friends were meant to go together.  I really enjoyed the Cashew Butter Paneer recipe.  But that might be because I enjoy anything made with deep fried cheese.  We also had naan, mango lassis, papadum with tamarind chutney, potato chaat, gobi masala, and ginger beer (I am now an addict).  When we were done I pulled out the Chocolate Guinness Cake and Randy choked and said, “No, no, that’s fine.  I’ll just pack it into my esophagus.”

IMG_3068 (2)

The chocolate cake is what really blew me away.  I’ve tried multiple chocolate cakes and I have never been impressed with any of them.  Chocolate (I’m sorry) is boring.  If you check my Pinterest board it’s almost entirely coconut, lemon, and anything made out of cheesecake.  But this did the trick.  The authoress said the added Guiness made it taste of gingerbread, but without the spices.  This extra richness and complexity.  And the frosting!  Now that’s the stuff.  My advice, if you do nothing else this week, make this cake.

IMG_3071 (1)

Make the cake people.

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