White Trash Cinderella

I’m trying to turn a blind eye to Judith’s fashion choices, but it’s kinda hard.


I dress her in the morning.  But the second I turn around I’m met with some version of this.


I’m sticking it out until Halloween, and then I’m bagging the flash and trash.  (If you want to know who started it, it was Grandma.)


But you must admit, she wears it well.  Half white trash Disney princess, half David Carradine.


Daddy’s home!  And look what he finds.  Princesses!


Unloading the dishwasher as Snow White and Bat Girl.


Cinderella and Snow White in the back yard, in heels.  Waiting to take you out.


Every day, in the late afternoon, someone will hear the signature squeal of Daddy’s brakes.  Which seems to be the universal sign for everyone to toss their school books and rush out of the house.


The sooner the kids flag Daddy down, the longer their ride on the back of his truck.  Although the neighbors are probably having fits when they see all the little children streaming out of the house like lemmings, and then throwing themselves at the oncoming traffic.  I guess that’s why we live on this inconspicuous dead end street.  Although the rear neighbors have already threatened to call the police on the kids, who are always on the roof or in the trees.  And I don’t know how many maimed squirrels Gideon has sent into their yard to die.  But guess what?  It’s the upside of this no longer being a meth house.  I hope they’re happy.


Judith has pretty much mastered the royal wave.  My princess and the pea.  The real deal.


Jael trying out her new sewing machine from her grandpa.  It seems that no matter what you do, there is always a princess on hand to help you out.  They come out of the woodwork at the sound of sewing machines and kitchen mixers.


The other day the neighbor girl came over so the boys decided to push the couches together to play “Royal Galley.”  A game that dates back to the infant Rahab, the infamous “Queen of Brasil.”  The boys manned the cannons and fought off hostile natives.  They rode out hurricanes and had the princesses take cover in the hold.


I am always pleased when the boys take time to play with the princesses.  It’s my suspicion, that in the real world, things like this don’t happen often.


But what the hey, we homeschool.  We can do what we want.  We can do what we want, while wearing what we want.


And we do.

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