The pumpkin carving ritual seems to get a littler harder/messier every year.


But I expect that trend to drastically plummet as they begin to take matters into their own hands.


This year Daddy only had to carve four pumpkins for the girls, and the boys did their own.


The pig and the princess.


I decided to make cookies in the middle of carving pumpkins.  Because if there is one thing I am really good at, it’s making messes.  I’m always all in.


Probably because I’m not one to consider the consequences of my actions.


The Otto punks in a row.


The children are all wallowing in candy as of late.  Although they didn’t make a very large haul.  They still fail to take the holiday seriously and start to fold around 8:30.  I am ALWAYS the one saying, “Just one more block, you can do it.”  And finally Daddy reels me in.  It’s like I have ulterior motives or something.  It must be candy or looking in people’s windows.  But why can’t it be both?


Rahab at breakfast.  “Why not all three?”  Good question.



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