Judith Turns Three


On her Daddy Date at U-Swirl.


Because that’s what every little girl needs the day after Halloween.  That evening she went to a friend’s birthday as well, and ate more cake and ice cream.


But that’s all right.  Judith can take it.  Last year at Christmas she sat down at the dessert table and ate for an hour straight before someone pulled her off.  I assumed she was just messing around in the dining room.  Grammy said, “No, I think she’s still eating.”  If it’s humanly possible.  I mean, even I eventually quit.  But I’m pretty sure Judith could eat her entire bag of Halloween candy all at once.


That’s why we hide it.

IMG_3143 IMG_3146 IMG_3147

Oh look, it’s all gone.  Time to stagger home princess.


We love you Judith Wilda.


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