Whatever Didi Wants

When fall hits I start taking notes for Christmas lists.  Every time I think of something the kids need, or that I want, or that I think someone else would like – then I write it down in my Moleskine.  That way when Christmas comes around I’m not forced to buy things that are irrelevant.  And the children say, “Yay, we always wanted a family Sonicare system.”  But I’m not done with their list yet, so we’ll get to that.  My list, however, came quite naturally.


For starters, I would like to sleep.  And considering how there is a strobe light shining in my curtain-less bedroom window, this is probably a good place to start.  The complimentary earplugs only make it better.


A friend gave me a milk frother so I thought a 1-cup stovetop espresso maker would be just the thing for producing the occasional dessert coffee.


Long johns!  Title Nine has this divine looking base layer that I imagine wearing under everything all the time.  And I would never be cold again.


A 2016 calendar.  The kids really love ticking off the days and watching out for special events.  We didn’t do one in 2015 and I kinda feel disoriented.  Or maybe that was something else….  Like 2015.


I’ve been wanting some honest to goodness Emma Bridgewater.  You know, so the kids can break it.


A ridiculously expensive tin of coffee my friends swear by.


In a house full of midgets and cabinet climbers you can really never have too many stools.  This one is from IKEA.


Boy wouldn’t let me put the dictionary on the kids’ Christmas lists (with the electric toothbrushes), so I had to put it on mine.  I’ve been wanting a big dictionary to sit out open all the time for quick references.  I don’t know about you, but my kids are going for the dictionaries all day long, so I thought I might as well make one part of the furnishings.  I’m hoping my brother can make a podium for it.  Cuz that would just be so cool.  In a nerdy kind of way.


A cheese slicer.  Because some day I’m going to cut off my whole hand on a block of Tillamook.613hLp7nsXL._SL1284_

A Rowenta Focus.  I’m dying over here.  I have not ironed anything for 6 months.  Ironing clothes is cheap therapy or something.  Smooths the wrinkles of the soul.


Nike Plus adapter for my iPod for tracking runs.


Winter running tights from Title Nine.  Because baby it’s cold out there.


A cast iron teapot for everyday.  The kids are starting to make their own tea and are just itching to break something.  Break this.


Ear protection for the shooting range.  You would not believe the amount of money you can spend on a pair of these.  These ones are cheap.  I don’t particularly like the style, but they are youth size.  I’ll probably need to look around more and try some on.


A concealed carry class.  I’ve been meaning to take one forever, but never had that extra $60 laying around.


An essential oil diffuser.  Because we like it when things smell nice.  And that’s it.  I think wish lists are kind of bizarre.  All the things in the world and that’s what Mavis wants.  A cheese slicer.  Okay, okay, so I also want this $1,600 Alexander McQueen clutch.


That’s more like it.


2 thoughts on “Whatever Didi Wants

  1. I like getting gift ideas from your lists! I will, however, take issue with one item here: the cheese slicer. I grew up with that type, and I never could get the cheese as thin as I’d like. Then, Ethan brought a cheese plane into the marriage, and I was like, “Where have you been all my life?” You have to cut half-sized slices on most large blocks of cheese, but the uniform thickness (thinness?) is glorious! I bought one for my mom just so I would have one there when we visit.

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