A Little Bit Of Everything

Food for this week.  The Vegetarian Tortilla Soup is a favorite.  But you have to have all the fixings; sliced radishes, cotija, and lime.  The Lentil Loaf is also a super easy standby, and surprisingly good.  Cook 1 cup dry lentils and 2 cups dry rice, then mix together with salt.  Dump in a casserole pan.  Fry a chopped onion and add a can of tomato sauce.  Pour it on top of the rice/lentils and top with grated cheddar then broil.  It turns out that it’s always the simpler/easier recipes that my children enjoy more.  Another one of my friends just told me about pouring Italian dressing on top of roast potatoes and then sprinkling them with Parmesan.  Suffice to say, I made a 9×13 of both and they were ALL gone.  But if I make food that is slightly more interesting, then no one eats it.  When my children read “Beans and Rice” on the menu, they cheer.IMG_3277

In other news, I smashed the bejesus out of my finger on Wednesday.  I dropped an aluminum window on it like a guillotine.  It was so sore that I did nothing but sit around all day with an ice pack on it.  In the evening I was exasperated enough to have my husband shove a hot paperclip through it to relieve the pressure.  (Hooray for Youtube!)  I’m still tooling around using my pointer finger and thumb as a claw, but it immediately started feeling better.  The next day I realized that I could have taken some ibuprofen, instead of sitting around with ice and a stink face, but it literally did not occur to me.  Thanks mom and dad!  That’s what happens when you’re raised by people who sew up their own chainsaw wounds.


The upside of the whole affair was the children all went up a notch on the chore ladder.  “Jael, load the diswasher!”

“I don’t know how.”

“Do it anyways!”

Magic.  Jael (7) now loads the dishwasher, cleans the bathrooms, puts away all the girls’ laundry, cleans the mirrors, feeds the bunnies, leaf blows the patio, and starts the fires in the morning.  Gideon (11) sorts the laundry, cleans the front rooms, shelves books, feeds the chickens, dumps the recycling/trash, and hauls firewood.  Jehu (9) cleans the hearth room, washes the table, sweeps under the table, sorts the marker/pencil caddies, empties the diaper garbage, hauls firewood, feeds the cat, and maintains the boys’ bedroom.  Rahab (4) unloads the dishwasher, wipes down her bathroom, and puts away shoes.  Judith (3) unloads the silverware from the dishwasher and otherwise makes messes.  The chores in bold are the recent upgrades.  Jael is at the forefront of the job force and gets the new jobs.  Everyone else takes her hand me downs.  I plan on retiring in a few years.


Here they are doing homework with Daddy.  Spelling tests, math drills, and vocabulary words.


But as soon as they found out I had the apple peeler school was ditched and I was flash mobbed.


It was all machine gun noises and “reload!”


Since we got our free Winco turkey I decided to do a mock Thanksgiving for our Friday night dinner.  With candied sweet potatoes, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, ginger syrup spritzers, and apple pie.  The claw hand kind of put a damper on things but we did it anyways.


Jael and her friends had fun setting the table.  She even made napkin rings the week before.  It was only when we sat down for dinner that I realized we were barking up the wrong tree.  If a classy sit-down dinner was what we were going for, we apparently did not take into account the Chuck E. Cheese semi bearing down on us in the distance.  Only one plate and one glass were broken, the other bounced.


Seriously, dinner with nine kids and four adults is TOTALLY different than dinner with four adults.

It’s more fun.



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