Yeah, Yeah

Blogging.  Pfft.

OK, here we go.  Pomanders were great fun and will make the list for next year.


We hosted Daddy’s birthday party.

With his brothers from another mother.  All born on the same day, same hospital.  All with red hair.

We made Advent messes everywhere.

Jehu went on his Daddy Date to the aquarium.  I’ve found that I can really only hack one kind of birthday.  The food birthday.  I like to invite all of our friends over and have a feast.  I don’t do party favors, balloons, games, venues, or themes.  It adds up too fast.  And after spending $100 on paper plates and helium I’m always like, “Hey, I could have ate that money.”  So we do.  Plus, I don’t have to think about it anymore, I just make dinner.  To spice up Mommy’s monotony, Daddy takes the birthday kid to U-Swirl and somewhere exciting.  Since they go solo they can afford to splurge a little.  $15 to go to the aquarium with Daddy…vs. $100 to go with everyone.

The kids talk about what they’re going to do on their Daddy Dates all year long.  I think since we’re always together, one on one time turns out to be very special.  Pick me, pick me! (No, seriously.  Pick me.)

Gideon did tag along to U-Swirl.  They were on their way to the Lego store to cash in their joint piggy bank for the occasion.

We made tin-foil/glue/shoe polish art.

Which was very fascinating.

We’re using the Christmas table cloths which somehow succeeds in making my 9×13 fare appear more exciting.

Tractor Papa shot his elk last weekend.  Pretty big news.  And then he stopped by on his way home to read Fancy Nancy to the girls. ♥

We had ten little boys over for Jehu’s birthday party.  They all brought swords.  Havoc was wrought.

We made tortilla soup, butternut squash lasagna, tomato basil soup, kale slaw, and Navajo bread.  Our friends brought more soup, appetizers, croissants, caramelized popcorn, and wassail.  It was the life.

The menu from last week:


The Ginger Lemongrass Infused Thai Soup with Crispy Tofu and Forbidden Rice was, indeed, all that.  The Un-Lightened Mac and Cheese and Jewel Roasted Vegetables were old favorites.  The Spinach and Cheese Green Chile Enchiladas and Potato Corn Chowder were repeats as well.  I’m always excited when I find something I like enough to make twice.  But then again, I could have just been desperate.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, Yeah

  1. Hello my favorite Mavis! Can I get your mailing addy? It’s card time 🙂 ps.. I absolutely adore your blog! You are my mom hero! I am in constant awe of your organization. I get exhausted just reading about all you do!


    Sent from my iPad Please forgive any typos


  2. Forgive me if there is a more private way to do this – haha – Im not so smooth out here just yet – anyway – I see Casey just asked also – your hot and popular woman as I was coming for your addy too…. Ive moved a bunch and havent sent cards in forever… but I wanna send one your way, so please email me if you so choose, and I’ll send you my addy in response as your cards are the best and I want back on your list now that I have roots again. Haha. Have a BLESSED Christmas!

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