Christmas @ Garverdale

I’ve been riding out the Christmas rodeo over here.  Finished wrapping all the presents tonight.  Preparing for a Christmas cookie bake-off tomorrow.  Then to packing and it’s off to the races.  Maybe I’ll see you on the other side.IMG_3470

I’ve been promising friends and family a walk through of the house.  It’s starting to look lived in if you don’t remember the last video.  The latest updates are curtains(!), re-upholstered dining chairs, vintage track shelving in the living room, chalkboard/guestbook wall, and the freshly painted green sidebar in the hearth room.  See if you can spot them all.  (The children are extra.)

And now it appears I did not actually video the 12′ of curtains.  So here is a link to a second pass, featuring that very important stretch of scenery.  Live 8 months without them and you’d understand.

It’s funny, the further we get into Advent, the more I start to fake it.  😉  I haven’t put our activity out the night before for the last week.  They just come to me in bed and issue threats.  And I say, “Well…I guess you could cut up these old paper plates, cover them with glue and salt, and watercolor them.”

“It’s a deal!”


I did remember to get a few Christmas holds in so we were able to have books and hot chocolate with Daddy.


The one mandatory Advent activity.


The lowest I went was when I said they got to stay in their jammies all day and watch Peppa Pig on the iPad.  I say it counts.


I say lowest because I consider Jael’s Esther Williams synchronized swimming marathon to be a step up.  Esther Williams is boss.  And actually, that wasn’t even an Advent activity.  It was just an incidental holiday casualty.

“Wait, how did you watch all six of those DVDs already?  Don’t you have parents?”

Nope, apparently she’s at Hobby Lobby.

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