Fierce, Fabulous & Forty

I’ve been kind of distracted lately helping my friend plan a surprise birthday for our other friend.  The only trouble is that when we plan parties for each other we miss the third party desperately.  “We could have really used Kimberly for this….”


Except it’s a surprise.  Way.  To.  Go.  (Wait, isn’t this exactly what happened last time?)


I love how my friend Sharla always thinks big.  That’s why she drives a Suburban.  The boys helped her unpack the glassware, lights, mirrors, cake stands, disco ball, candles, flowers, tables, and linens from her car.  A mobile arsenal.  Her husband let her use his office for the event.  It was fun setting up during business hours with my 6 kids smearing themselves around the glass conference room distracting the employees.  When I left that morning I had to Windex my way out.


I rolled sushi by the piles for the party.  By the time I ate all the broken ones and ends I was full.


Behold!  All the food I was unable to eat.  And then they brought out cheesecakes.  Serves me right


Me and my old man.  He’s fast outstripping me in looks.  I’m going to have to start beating off all the younger women.  It was funny, Marc related to me that Kimberly told him he looked good twice that evening.  He said, “She didn’t have to be so shocked.”  She’s used to showing up at my house and finding him with crazy hair, no shirt, ripped pants, and irrigating boots wandering around the back yard.


Kimberly on the left.  Sharla on the right.  We had a crowning ceremony for the birthday girl.  I sashed her and told her how awesome she was and then Sharla crowned her and told her how sweet and thoughtful she was.  Then everyone jumped in and I must say they all got right to the point.  Kimberly has amazing energy, is a sweet friend, she is hospitable, generous, with wonderful poise and class, and I’ve never met another woman like her.  😉


God save the Queen!


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