I remember being a kid and feeling very reverential towards holidays.  “It’s St. Patrick’s Day, SOMETHING must be done!”  My parents, however, didn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation.  That’s right.  All is vanity and then you die.  But I do remember the sensation of awe and excitement and I want to honor it in my children.  Even though it makes no good sense.


We had snowflakes on the back windows for winter and I thought we would change them up for Valentine’s Day.  But then it occurred to me that we could change them up for every holiday.  The windows make perfect bulletin boards and actually help with the fact that their are no curtains in the room, and probably never will be.  Plus, the kids love the excuse to pull open the craft drawer and make a giant mess.  No questions asked.


Also of interest, we checked the children’s vision over the weekend.  I kind of sort of pay attention to this kind of thing and am generally reassured when the children point out small birds in the distance or read road sions. (Mental note: at least that one’s not blind.)  But then Jael started making remarks that didn’t line up with reality.  My suspicions were justified.


Gideon, however, has 20/10 vision.  And he knows it.  Jehu was close behind and the little girls didn’t seem to present any real problems.


But Jael, she’s getting glasses.  On the up side, at least she’s not as blind as Daddy.


While picking up Valentine gifts I bought these wooden birdhouses at Joanne’s in the check-out line.  The lady in front of me let her son pick one out and then nonchalantly told him that he could paint it after his nap.  I was impressed.  People who give toddlers paintbrushes with reckless and casual abandon rank high on my list of heroes.  I have often said that I am not a crafter.  But I want my children to have the freedom to make things.  And that freedom only comes by saying yes.


It’s pretty much the least I can do. Daddy washed out the brushes.


For Valentine’s Day my true love did a few projects for me.  For starters, he hung my house numbers that I’ve had sitting around since last Mother’s Day.  And by “hung” I mean that he spaced them wrong and drilled an additional four holes in the masonry.  But no one will ever know, right?


He also installed my decorative puck lighting from Costco.  It’s just cheap thrills but makes a huge difference in a room where there was no lighting at all. Still have to figure out what to do about that.


He also put in my new hall light. Which I have had pretty much before I even had the house.  And it makes a world of difference.  Bam.


A close friend and I were bemoaning the lack of sushi in our lives and the next thing you knew we had a Valentine’s Day party planned.  (It was all a cover.)


For the real deal. We just like eating.


But I think it made the day for the kids. They tore it up. Literally.

Splat from miranda otto on Vimeo.


I ordered them a 12 pack of Splat Balls off Amazon. Which they loved to pieces. In about a day. But they’re still worth it.


Oh yes, and Boy bought me the most exotic chocolate. The kind you’re almost afraid to open. Almost.




We taped a pink heart under one of the plates for a Mystery Valentine.


Looking at this picture I’m wondering how Judith ended up naked halfway through dinner.


As the evening degenerated.

I never knew Valentine’s Day ended in a battle. from miranda otto on Vimeo.

Really we had too much fun. And I still haven’t cleaned it up.





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