“School” Books

I thought it would be fun to start occasionally posting a picture of the books the kids are reading through for history and science. Sometimes I get them off a list, but more often than not I just rake them off the shelves while I keep one eye on my two escape artists.  The last round:


The kids gave five stars to “A Drop of Water,” “Thing Explainer,” and “How to Think Like a Scientist.”  The giants of science series was pretty interesting as well.  Marie Curie was nuts and Albert Einstein was an insufferable brat.

IMG_4636 (1)

Jael has an entirely different variety of books.  Which the boys can’t help but read too.  They all love the “You Wouldn’t Want to Be a….” series as well as the “Can You Count to a Googol?” books.  I love how all the books tend to overlap and how such a wide variety of subjects are touched on.  It very much feels like they are exploring and who knows what they’re going to find next.  Because the world, as it turns out, is a very interesting place.



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