Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Thursday was another wild day.  My family is in town making for a full house of 12.  By the end of the week I start to give up on the messes and just wait for them to leave.  😀


Natalie managed to clear enough counter space for me to roll sushi and bake coconut pie, by stacking everything on the other countertop.  I needed to make dinner to drop off for a friend who just had a baby.  I ran it across town and barely made it home in time to try and find all of our guns/magazines/bullets/holsters/ear plugs before making the 50 minute drive to our firearm class.  I could only find one magazine, and the new earplugs I had bought that morning were mysteriously missing.  Instead, I had to wear my husband’s disgusting ones from work.  And when I say disgusting I mean disgusting.


Also, this is not a fashion photo.  For your information, these tights do not go with this outfit, and I will not hear otherwise.  (Wait, maybe this outfit does not go with this outfit?)  But in retrospect, I should have put snow pants on under my dress instead, because I froze to death.  At the end of the two hours, we could not put the shell casings back in the boxes because our fingers were shaking too much.  But all in all it was a fun time.  Natalie was shooting her .357 and put her first five rounds through the same hole.  Don’t mess with Natalie.  This morning she was stuck in the back of the van with the kids, who were all yelling, “I scream for ice cream!”  And suddenly I hear her call out in her sweet little voice, “Gideon!  If you don’t shut up I’m going to come back there and throat punch you!”


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