These are my yoga pants.


This is how I get stuff done.  I almost didn’t buy this dress because it was so ugly.  But I can tell you already it’s going to be the one that is going to get the most mileage.  I cannot stand wearing pants or anything around my waist whatsoever.  Plus, I love the simplicity of a one piece pullover.  …And then you’re dressed.  I bought vests to layer over my dresses for extra warmth, without having to deal with sleeves getting in the way of my rubber gloves.  Yellow Playtex gloves are practically a part of my uniform.  It’s still a little bit cold, but I think we’re almost in the clear.  Take me to the high 80’s please.


In a typical week I try not to leave the house Tuesday through Friday.  So this is the kinda outfit no one sees.  I also don’t wear my glasses when I’m home, or makeup.  So it’s bare bones, but I guess I’m not hanging out in my jammies.  I get up, shower, dress, and do my “hair” before breakfast.  I also wear shoes.  I’m not sure if this is because I feel particularly ambitious, or because I don’t want to stick to the floor.  🙂  In any case, the day hasn’t really begun until I’m laced.  I feel like Mr. Rogers.  To me, the ideal house shoe is one that feels like a slipper but can also make a quick run to the grocery store.  I love all leather insoles because I prefer not to wear socks.  And, of course, they have to go with everything, because I will wear them every single day.  I’ve tried Danskos, Hush Puppies, Toms, and Earth Shoes, but these are my favorites.  Minnetonkas are where it’s at.


2 thoughts on “OOTD #7

  1. Love it! These are mine.


    I also hate pants and refuse to wear them except on the coldest days, but being in SC I can get away with a slip under a maxi 99% of the time. Since I’m nursing more often than not my dresses don’t get worn much, but they are even better than skirts. So thankful maxis seem to be here to stay “in style” so I’m not mistaken for a Bob Jones graduate, but I do rock shorter skirts in the heat of the summer. You’re absolutely right about socks and shoes too – I love to be barefoot and pregnant but somehow a slight heel feels better than no shoes, go figure!

    I love clothes so I’ve really enjoyed this series – can you tell?

    • I can wear a maxi skirt as a dress. 😉 I always look at them with longing. I think people are so conditioned to wearing pants that they don’t realize how restrictive they are. They are always telling your body where it needs to be. A dress refuses to pass judgement.
      And cute shoes!

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