Judith is grumpy.  She doesn’t understand why it takes so long to have an Easter egg hunt.  She doesn’t have all day.


This is my XOXO dress I got at Macy’s for $14.  It’s my new favorite color.  The wedges are Michael Kors, that I bought YEARS ago at a clearance center for $30, when I really shouldn’t have.  I even put them back.  But then some other lady picked them up and carried them around the store for a while and that was the end of that.  I snatched them the moment she set them down.  Oddly enough, they were easier to explain to my husband than I thought.


Ha.  Just now, as a thought experiment, I asked my husband if I could get a Victoria’s Secret credit card.  He looked at me, he defenses obviously weakened, and stuttered, “Uhhh…why, why do you need one?”  I laughed and then asked, “Can I have a Sears card?”  He was immediately back to his old self, “NO!”  If we ever do go to the poor house at least I’ll go with coordinating undies.

Total = $44


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