What We’re Reading



That’s why the Ottos have their own shelf at the library.  It is my habit to max out the holds on eight library cards (a total of 56) before they cut me off.  I work from multiple booklists and there is always something that someone needs to read.  Especially now that Jael has to reread everything that Gideon and Jehu already read.  And then there are the picture books for the little girls and before you know it I’m out of room.  Which is why we waltz our babies into the library weeks after they’re born and sign them up for their own cards.  It’s a ritual.


Here is our current history/science line-up.  Light on science but there is always something on the home shelves to fall back on.  Plus, we re-checked out “The Thing Explainer” (not pictured) from a few weeks ago since it was such a hit.  You’ll want that.


Here is our picture book bin plus the older kids’ trashy reading.


I try to keep the required reading separate.  Gideon will need to read all of it, and Jehu will have to read a selection, before I replenish their trash collection.  Plus, when they get desperate enough they tend to cruise through it.  Sometimes we’re lighter with our literature reading other times heavier, but they always have at least one literature book to help wash down their Rick Riordan.


If they ever give me any lip I just tell them that this is their real education.  We’re just faking it during school.  Their reading is not just fun, it’s developing who they are.  It’s their job.  It doesn’t matter if it’s within “school” hours or not (there’s no such thing).  Reading is so much a part of what we do that it has to be directed, it has to be pointed.  Because story is what will stick with them and what will shape them.  So I think the least I can do is try to keep our house full of good books.  My husband, on the other hand, tries to make sure we give them back.


4 thoughts on “What We’re Reading

  1. Thanks for the “Thing Explainer” and “What If?” recommendations! I picked them up yesterday and they’ve been hits around here!

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