Menu Monday

I’m sitting here planning my meal plan for this week and I’m feeling utterly uninspired.  Sometimes it helps to see what I’ve made in the past and I realized I hadn’t posted menus for a while.  So here they are.



They just keep eating.  And eating.  And eating.


We had some people over after church for tacos, and it was so good to sit around the table with friends again.  We had had a few weeks off for family, spring break, and Easter.  But it’s crazy how much we miss our regular table fellowship.  And all of a sudden I’m remembering that we still need to have this person over, that we need to catch up with that person, and that there just isn’t enough time!  I start to panic.  But when we haven’t been practicing hospitality, it’s almost like these thoughts are pushed to the back of my mind and forgotten.  Because that is our natural state.  For us, making the move to commit to weekly hospitality opened us up to blessing that we otherwise would have missed.  It is the sort of thing where you exercise a little faith and a little effort, and then all of the sudden life starts overflowing.  And I’ve always been a big fan of excess.


Yes, I even deep fry our taco shells.


The menu from when my family was here.  My sister (whose mother still cooks for her, get that) was shocked to observe that I live and work in a cafeteria.  It’s true.  I mess it up and then I clean it.  And then I mess it up again.


Welcome to the real world.  BTW, you can do the dishes.

2 thoughts on “Menu Monday

    • I like them to move along after breakfast. My suspicion is that I caught someone in their room reading a book with one leg out of their jammies. Those are the kind of people who eat mush for breakfast.

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