A Smattering 

Sunday we had friends over for lunch.  It’s funny, after church someone asked me what we were doing.  I said, “We’re having…some people…over for lunch.  I can’t remember their names.”  He laughed at me.  Ok, so I’m lazy with names.  (It’s not bad, by the way.  It’s LAZY.)  But it just struck me, as I typed that first sentence, that I can now call them friends.

And I know their names.

The weather has been lovely.  I think one of my favorite times during the day is when I am cleaning the kitchen after lunch, listening to Johnny Cash read the New Testament, while I watch my children out the window.

Like, what are they going to do next?  You never know.


It’s a nest!

Or a cage?

Also of note, this week Daddy bought Jehu a very expensive box.

Which he reads in, naps in, does his math in, and even sleeps in.  With the lid shut.

The menu this week.

I got a new poetry book for breakfast.  This morning we read Lord Randal and then listened to it on Youtube.  It’s a ballad about a man who lost his true love and then she poisoned him and his dogs.  The kids loved it.

What the boys are reading this week for school.  “Here There Be Monsters” was too good for school, however, and was finished before it even made it out of the van.

What Jael picked out for herself at the library.

And as I type this the kids are sitting at the table working on their math.  What’s more endearing than that?

Oh, and I scared up a few old Mark Driscoll sermons when I was mopping floors last night.  I really liked his Mary and Martha sermon.  It’s a fun listen for the next time you are loading the dishwasher.  Probably 30 minutes from now.  Enjoy.


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