Around Here

Just saying Hi.

The irrigation water was turned on sometime last week.  I was notified of this happy event when I went outside and found the children swimming.

The girls were excited to introduce the ducks to our backyard canal system.

The big kids wake up at 7:00 in the morning to do their Bible reading.  If Eve ever wakes up early I sneak her in with them to be horribly doted upon.

What we’re reading this week.  I was pleased with the Sulfur book and was going to try and get the rest of the Elements series by Brian Knapp.  If I can find them.

During outside time, on irrigating day, I caught Jael fishing for Jehu in the back yard.  Seriously, they come up with the weirdest games.

Eve helping Gideon with his math.

She’s obviously more excited about it than Gideon is.

Desks, what?  Never heard of them.

I also fried our oven last week.  Fortunately, when I looked on CL there was a $190 stainless steel range available.  Being wise to the ways of the world, I jumped on it and screamed “Mine!”  It worked.  There was basically one other oven to choose from, priced at $360.  I say it was Jesus looking out for me.  Although I do consider it a lack of foresight on the part of CL to only have two stainless ovens to choose from at a time.  Now I just need the fridge to break and everything will match.

Our menu from last week.  I cooked exclusively from our favorite Indian cookbook.  Sometimes when I have trouble assembly a menu I grab just one cookbook and make myself buckle down.  And when you have a good cookbook it’s kind of foolproof.  I’ve never made anything from this cookbook that didn’t turn out.  Of course, if you put enough Indian spices on things, how can you really tell?


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